Shallotte crime report

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Shallotte Police investigated the following incidents and made the following arrests last week:

•Police arrested Alyssa Joy Skiff, 25, of Libby’s Lane, Conway, S.C., on April 4 and charged her with driving while impaired and open container. According to the report, police received a call about a vehicle “all over 17 north.” At Shallotte’s north end light, an officer stopped Skiff and noticed she had glassy eyes and a strong odor of alcohol. She was placed in the Brunswick County Detention Center.

•Police arrested Bobbie Wilson Anderson, 38, of Ocean Haven Road, Ocean Isle Beach, on April 6, charging her with open container and driving while license revoked. According to the report, Anderson was driving down Whiteville Road with a bad headlight. When the officer attempted to stop her, she was swerving all over the road. When he stopped the car, Anderson gave consent to search, and the officer found an open container.

•Strong arm robbery and assault at McDonald’s; suspects pushed victim to the ground, hitting her and taking food and money.

•Larceny of a catalytic converter and vandalism/property damage on Holden Beach Road; victim’s catalytic converter was cut from the vehicle while it was parked at Fast Eddie’s Lube.

•Vandalism/property damage on Main Street; suspect broke victim’s window when she was parked at Body Dimensions.

•Breaking and entering a motor vehicle on Mintz Street; suspect broke into victim’s truck, removing a registration card, insurance card and house key from the glove box.

•Breaking and entering an automobile and larceny of a key on Village Road; suspect entered victim’s car, stole the vehicle’s key and left a blanket.

•Breaking and entering an automobile on Holden Beach Road; suspect used a cutting tool to possibly strip metal from the vehicle. He was unable to take anything before fleeing when the victim saw him.

•Abandoned vehicle on Village Road; police responded to a call that a vehicle was blocking the roadway.

•Breaking and entering an automobile and larceny of a purse on Mintz Street; suspect broke into victim’s vehicle and removed a $60 purse that contained $12 in cash, a driver’s license and various credit cards.

•Harassing telephone calls on Paisley Drive; suspect called victim’s cell phone twice trying to obtain information and possibly sell products. The caller’s number was blocked.