Shallotte not right for rally

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Although your editorial supporting the Harley-Davidson rally as being an economic boost to the area makes several good points, I strongly feel there are too many other factors that would make the rally bad for the area.

I too have seen how inundated with bikers an area becomes when I once worked in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Granted, the bikers were a nice and interesting mixture of people, but even then (1999) the sheer numbers of them strained MB to its limits.

Traffic was a nightmare. Ocean Boulevard became a parking lot, and the police had their hands full. Hotels were booked to capacity.

Trying to imagine the bikers in Shallotte is frightening. Main Street traffic at lunchtime during the week is already a bumper-to-bumper headache. Adding thousands—yes thousands—of motorcycles to our already overcrowded local streets would not justify the economic gains.

I understand Mr. Noyes’ interest in promoting the rally, but although he has shown good faith by providing the 26-acre property adjacent to his business, at some point the bikers will travel to Shallotte and/or our beaches, all of which have limited access to them.

Not only is our infrastructure unable to handle such an influx of traffic, our emergency services would be severely strained.

Paying for all the overtime a rally would produce, defeats the economic gains argument. I have nothing against the bikers having rallies, I just believe Shallotte is ill-equipped to accommodate one.