Shallotte Point being bulldozed

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: The town of Shallotte is “spot annexing” areas of Shallotte Point to pay for their sewer system with no regard for the preservation of the historic value, pristine nature and way of life of this small community.

The concerned residents of “The Point” have no say in this brutal move to use their beloved community to underwrite the cost of the sewer system of a town that is miles away from them.

These residents realize growth is inevitable; they just ask for “managed, responsible growth” and they’d like a say in the determination of their community.

The county diligently studied the matter when creating their most recent land use plan that was submitted to the Coastal Resource Commission. This called for “low to medium density” for this area. All that is asked is that Shallotte respect the plan and stick to its provisions.

The town of Shallotte is bulldozing this community. In one instance, Shallotte approved 200 acres at the highest density allowable—10 units per acre! Imagine the impact to this small community by the traffic alone from 2,000 condominiums owners.

To top things off, the town offers no services to the residents of “The Point,” and if they ever do, it will be as a middle man reselling the county’s services at marked up rates. No thank-you.

The residents have no say, no vote and no representation on the board of this town that is deciding their fate and, in essence, taxing them to pay for their sewer system. James Otis, one of the founding members of the Sons of Liberty during the American Revolution, called this “tyranny.”

Visit the Shallotte Point Preservation Group’s Web site at www.saveshallottepoint.com.