Shallotte seeks info from River's Edge before renewing bond

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San Rio bond to be called

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The Shallotte aldermen want to hear from the developers of River’s Edge before agreeing to extend bond agreements another six months.

After much discussion, the board decided at Tuesday night’s pre-agenda meeting to ask Bobby Lewis of Coastal Development, who is also on the town’s planning board, to come to the next meeting and talk about how long each of the planned projects in the community will take and how much time is needed.

If the board decides not to extend the agreements, the town could call in the bond and require the developer or the bonding company to pay for the infrastructure planned for the six unfinished sections in the golf course community.

Alderman John Kinlaw said he felt uncomfortable with long extensions, particularly if the company is still selling lots.

“We’ve got to put things in proper order here,” he said. “If we’re going to approve final plats in time for them to sell lots with the stipulation that the property will be in the town limits and water and sewer will be put in, we’re being unfair to the consumer if that is not done.

“I wouldn’t be at all favorable to any more extensions after six months unless there’s a moratorium on selling lots.”

Town engineer David Bowman said, looking at the plans, it would be “pushing it” to do it all within six months.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to sell more properties if they’re not getting infrastructure in there,” Kinlaw said.

Alderman Larry Harrelson suggested meeting with Lewis to discuss how long each project would take and talk about how to solve the issue.

Harrelson asked town administrator Paul Sabiston to have Lewis provide the information in writing before next week’s board meeting so the aldermen can be prepared to ask questions.

Sabiston agreed, saying Lewis has readily provided information during the process.

Aldermen also suggested Lewis provide information about whether lots are still being sold in the community.

Mark Saunders is the owner of Coastal Development. His companies are now engaged in a disagreement with Brunswick County over unpaid taxes.

In a related matter, aldermen agreed the town would not extend the bond agreement with the developers of San Rio Ocean and River Club, which expires June 6. The board is scheduled to vote at next week’s meeting to activate the process of collecting payment for infrastructure on the property.

The developers, Wakefield Coastal, had agreed to install a sewer lift station on the property, but the project hit financial troubles and remains unfinished.