Sheriff’s office settles lawsuit with former inmate

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By Caroline Curran, Reporter

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has settled a lawsuit with Shane Michael Johnson, a former inmate who sued the sheriff’s office, Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram and a sheriff’s deputy for injuries he sustained while in custody.

Shane Michael Johnson, who was arrested Oct. 4, 2008, for being drunk and disruptive, sued Ingram and former sheriff’s deputy John Thomas Albertson on July 10, 2009.

The suit was settled for $20,000, and any claims against Ingram and Albertson were dismissed, according to the settlement document.

The settlement was reached, “in consideration of the compromise of a disputed claim and to avoid litigation.”

The lawsuit alleges on Oct. 4, Albertson “shoved [Johnson] from behind causing him to fall and strike his head on the concrete wall at the back of a holding cell at the Brunswick County Detention Center.”

Johnson’s legs were shackled and he was “otherwise restrained when defendant Albertson used unnecessary, unreasonable and excessive force upon him,” the suit claims.

After the incident, Johnson was hospitalized from Oct. 4-7, 2008, for “severe personal injuries in the fall, including traumatic brain injury.”

Injuries listed in the lawsuit include contusions to the right and left frontal lobes of the brain, multiple intracranial hemorrhages, traumatic brain injury, cognitive deficits, face lacerations, swelling and bruising to the right side of his face, right eye and front scalp, neck pain and headaches.

In addition to the claims against Albertson being dismissed, Ingram said in a previous interview with the Beacon the State Bureau of Investigation conducted an investigation into Albertson and found no wrongdoing.