Should be only bliss at Christmas

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To the editor:
We will soon have another Christmas,
One person removed all of the bliss.
Adequate father figure, he did lack
And rest of society, soon did attack.
From 20 families, he just set free,
Those meaning the world to you and me.
So full of youth with very fine faces
Caused death and each one disgraces.
Deaths do represent his lonely life,
Which was full of sorrow with strife.
In all of society, he could never succeed.
Those are ones who we should take heed.
All people in authority, did try to kill,
So he could frantically try to fulfill
What was a well-planned attack,
And their lives we can’t bring back.
Mental instability and much devastation
Is totally destroying our beloved nation,
And according to the most recent poll,
People are now in favor of gun control.
So how many deaths must be required
By many weapons automatically fired
Before some action should be taken,
And new rules, we must be making?
James Horn