Sickened by killing of sharks

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I feel bad for the swimmer who was bitten by the shark and wish her a full and speedy recovery. But we must remember that when we go into the ocean, we are entering their world and must be on the lookout.

Sharks are predators and follow bait and eat it. There’s been plenty of bait near shore this year.

I’m not a “tree hugger”; I’m a sport fisherman and photographer. I’ve been sickened in the past week by two incidents involving the senseless killing of sharks.

The first involved two men who brought a 7½-foot hammerhead to a dock to be weighed and photographed. I asked the men why they killed the shark. They said they were going to eat it.

People don’t eat hammerhead sharks, especially ones that were caught offshore of Oak Island, then loaded in a pickup truck and hauled around in 90-degree weather. I refused to photograph it and along with other charter captains, voiced my disgust.

The second [incident] was that of a shark some men hauled around a city in Florida and attempted to sell, only to dump it in the road.

I support sportfishing for fish that will be eaten and a shark may eat me today, but I still remain sickened by the senseless killing of them or any other of God’s creatures.