Signs of concern

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To the editor:
I have seen the signs along U.S.17 and N.C. 904 that compare President Barack Obama to a terrorist and one that said President Obama is a threat to America.
I also see this as a serious undermining of the U.S. government and its civil rights, using these types of lies and false statements. This type of propaganda is what causes hate and division in a nation that is strong on doing the right thing toward its people and making this a better place to live.
I know this is an election year and each side wants to win, but win with truth or at least a plan of truth and help for the citizens of this country.
The hate these signs project goes far beyond truth and justice. It borders on a party that wants a dictatorship and openly shows whoever put these signs up wants to do anything to win this election.
I also see the Republican Party is sponsoring some of these signs. If I were to vote for an official for an office, I would back away from a candidate who runs on that party ticket, because it says they are proud of a red America.
In history, this says to me they are in favor of a racially divided nation that controls everything from a one-man-type government.
If you are a Republican or Democrat or whatever, we as a people need to be very careful with people who would put up signs like this. If these candidates win under this kind of false publicity, then what will they do when they take office?
Bernest L. Hewett, president
Brunswick County NAACP