Skateboard park still needed

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Skateboard park still needed

To the editor:

There is still no place to skate in town. Skateboarding uses no gas or oil.

It’s a shame our youth must go to and from Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, S.C., in a time when our nation is severely suffering from high gas prices, just so they can enjoy their passion of skateboarding.

The Associated Press reported on June 17, Portland, Ore., lifted its ban on skateboarding due to high gas prices so everyone can commute to work with an alternate means of transportation—the skateboard.

The Jones Store building is a perfect building for skateboarding and hosting community events for recreational purposes and classes. But this building will be torn down so Shallotte can have yet another drugstore.

Instead of having a social center for everyone that could offer things such as a rock-climbing wall, dance classes, sewing classes, karate classes, school tutoring, Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings, painting classes, game room, skateboarding, etc., we will have another drugstore within walking distance of three other drugstores (Wal-Mart, CVS and Rite Aid).

What is really the greater good for the community as a whole? Let’s renew and reuse our existing Jones building.

Surrounding churches in the area have been kind enough to allow skateboarders a place to skate and provide a ramp or two for our young adults in the community to use.