Smoke-free government center

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Do you think the entire campus at the Brunswick County government complex should be smoke-free? Even outdoor spaces? Why or why not?

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Sad day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inside all public buildings should be smoke free and near doorways too. It is simply being nice to others. To demand no smoking on all of the campus is not nice to everyone and many of those have been paying the taxes to pay for those buildings for a long time. Great to see the comment below about trampling the rights of obese people and the reply from the chubby person did bring a smile!

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I definitely support the idea

I definitely support the idea of a smoke free center, it's a government center, it should be set as an example for the other institutions. Smoking is not a good example no matter how you put it. I quit smoking a long time ago with the help of a treatment center and now I am an anti-smoker activist.

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smoke free

Yes. The Government building in and out should be smoke free. Today when we know smoking causes cancer, COPD, emphysema, we should do all we can to provide each and every citizen a smoke free environment. We are not talking about rights of a smoker we are talking a healthy life style to stay out of hospitals and prevent cost to us all. We are not inconveniencing the smoker we are doing a disservice to a non smoker as we have to dodge the second hand smoke to enter the building. I deal with the public for 12 hrs and how many times have they just had a cigarette and then entered my area to speak to me and OMG do I get another second hand smoke inhalation. Do smokers not realize they "stink". We need to stop this, we have a no perfume policy in our area we should have a "no smoking before entering building" policy. This must stop in public. Thank you for your time. C.Jones


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And while you are on the

And while you are on the subject of becoming a COMMUNIST community, we also need to pass a law that bans all obese people from restaurants that offer buffets! I mean, you hit the nail on the head with the comment regarding a "healthy life style to stay out of hospitals and prevent cost to us all." Why just stop with smokers? ...(snickering to herself while shaking her head at the audacity of some people)

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smoke free

Lots of communists smoked- I've seen pictures!

As for your ridiculous obese analogy- Would you object if those obese people sat next to you and force fed some of their food into the mouths of you or your children?...(snickering to himself while shaking his head at the smug self-righteousness of some people).

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Smoke free Brunswick County government complex

Absolutly I feel that the complex should be entirely smoke free. I find it quite annoying and unhealthy to walk through a cloud of secondhand smoke at the entrance to public buildings, whether it be from the public or employees, to gain entry to that building. In this day, when smoking is such a hot issue, a matter of health and with skyrocketing health premiums, if an employee, or the public is inconvenienced just a little bit, maybe they would consider quitting, or cutting back, and hopefully make their lives, as well as ours a little healthier.

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smoke free

smokers are part of our society,they have rights too,just put the smoking behind the building,alcohol,fast food,obesity,etc.are not good for you but they still exist.Get a life! from an X-smoker