A socialized and passive society

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: It is truly disheartening to watch our country descend from the proud individualism and moral strength that once characterized our society, attributes first described by de Tocqueville more than 100 years ago, to the debased state of an increasingly socialized and passive society we see espoused by the acceptance of Obamism.

I served in the military for 30 years and observed first-hand in many parts of the world the destruction wrought by the insidious effects of socialism.

These effects were carefully depicted in Frederick Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom.” As he wrote, socialism a disastrous economic system and it kills the human spirit. It is a destructive force that either through coercion, such as in many former communist countries, or the seemingly benign social programs of Western Europe, destroys initiative, the bonds of family ties, as the sedative of government programs beguile the naive into believing there is no price to be paid for a dictatorship of the elite.

The be sure, whether it is the national socialism of Nazi Germany, or the Stalinist brand of Soviet Russia, it is a totalitarian system.

In its benign form, which we are experiencing, the individual gradually gives up his various freedoms in return for the “security” of a state controlled by a sort of vanguard of intelligentsia, the self-anointed elite of academia and the media, who hunger for the power to direct the masses who are assumed to be too stupid to think for themselves.

Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact many of our universities have become institutions of indoctrination in lieu of education, the Orwellian world has become a reality.

The goose-stepping, group-thinking of so much of our so-called intellectuals has become known as political correctness. That is simply a polite phrase to describe a far more sinister ideology in which a powerful oligarchy by means of the media, the entertainment business, the press and the education system create and enforce their “truth” to which all will be expected to adhere.

The process began with Franklin Roosevelt, but with Obama and the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party he represents, in command of Congress, much of the court system, and the powerful state tools of big labor, academia, a fawning entertainment business, media and the education system, we will no longer have the protection of a checks and balance to impede the inexorable slide to tyranny.