Something is wrong with DSS dismissal

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To the editor:
The poorest people in our county just became the victims of 20 employees who didn’t want to work harder to provide services to them in a timely, cost-effective manner.
Their claim? The stress imposed on them after being asked to assume more roles as DSS director Patty Connelly “worked on streamlining processes at DSS to shorten client waiting times.”
Three of the five members of the DSS Board opted to support the workers.
Does anybody else see that there is something wrong with this picture?
To the credit of the protective services staff, they did not participate in the open meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21, when the board heard the complaints of other staff members. The changes the protective services staff were required to make were endorsed by this staff, which has embraced the challenges asked of it.
Jane Cassidy
District administrator
Guardian ad litem program