Spay-a-Stray offsets costs to society

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To the editor:
Paws-Ability funded the recent Spay-a-Stray program in Brunswick County. This program provided free surgeries to spay or neuter cats in Brunswick County brought in by proactive citizens who are interested in reducing the number of unwanted cats in the community.   
This program spayed 111 female cats, all pregnant, and 37 males. We prevented 444 kittens from being born in a single breeding cycle. Female cats breed
three times per year in this area. In one week, we halted the birth of 1,332 cats this year alone.
The program reduced the number of cats that will enter animal control to be euthanized at taxpayers’ expense.
Each animal killed at animal control costs taxpayers $8.32 to catch, house and kill.
The 1,332 cats not born as a result of our spay program computes to saving taxpayers a total of $11,082.24. We believe there are any number of needs in Brunswick County that would be a better use of $11,082.24 than killing cats.
Many communities have resorted to killing the feral cats in their area. Using this method, there will always be cats to kill. When feral cats are killed, something will move into the void that is created. That something could be feral cats from a surrounding area or it could be something much more offensive than a cat.
Catch and kill is not only inhumane, but ineffective and fiscally irresponsible. When a colony growth is stopped through spay and neuter, positive results will follow.
Janie Withers
President, Paws-Ability