Speaking 'Clintonese

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Ten years ago, Bill Clinton explained the words “what ‘is’ ” is in his sexual lexicon of “Clintonese.”

Now, Hillary states an outright, boldface lie when one is caught at it (very much as her husband was) is not really a lie at all. So, the Clintons once again have taught us and our youth another “Clintonese.”

Remember children, when you lie it is no longer a lie. From now on you simply say, “I misspoke.” You can also follow that, as she did, by saying, “After all, I’m only human.”

I’m personally appalled by what she said and the motivation behind it. By playing the “I’m the heroic Commander in Chief” card and by implying she was placing her life on the line while running and ducking from sniper bullets in a war zone is an affront to the 4,000 plus brave men and women no longer with us and the tens of thousands of others living with wounds from “real” sniper bullets in a “real” war zone.

Apparently, the Clintons will do anything and say anything to achieve their objectives. Still, there is a line you simply don’t cross. They do.