Spend less time online

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I don’t intend to disrespect Laura Lewis in regard to her new Facebook account, but her recent article spurred me to the realization of just how much time people squander on the Internet.

I see nothing wrong with keeping in touch with old friends, but I personally know people who spend hours every day on the computer that could be spent being more productive in the workplace, volunteering in our community or spending quality time with loved ones.

Yes, I once succumbed to the addictive qualities of Myspace, instant messaging and such. I soon realized a hundred “LOLs” could never take the place of really laughing out loud with my children. I also learned lots of “friends” meant someone to stop by with a hug, a smile and a listening ear.

As far as Twittering, are we really that nosey that we care what others are thinking and doing every minute of the day? Are we so vain we think others care what we are doing?

My plea is people analyze how much of themselves they give to their computers and how to invest instead in the real world.