Spin on park costs goes ’round and ’round

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To the editor:
Re: Sandpiper Bay community/council meeting on July 24.
Mr. Parker (when questioned about the $1.2 million): “Come to my office. I have it all laid out, estimated for each thing.” So, council member Karen Joseph and [former member] Len Steiner, it’s appropriate for town administrator Parker to use his office to disseminate meaningless and/or misleading information to serious inquirers, but not OK for me to share his data with others? To repeat a euphemism—hogwash!
At the same July meeting and again on Oct.1, [councilman] Lou DeVita (when questioned about funding) admitted the $1.2 million was in the bank and allocated to development of the park.
Mr. Steiner, $1.2 million in the bank is not an abstract number. It is taxpayer-supplied hard cash set aside in the reserve part of the budget as the direct result of the so-called “concept plan” cost estimates.
Mr. Parker participated in the development of that plan (with council approval?), asked a qualified authority for estimates, included those in the CIP in 2010, and presumably asked council to account for those costs in the reserve account. They did.
I, and many others, would be happy to see “half or more” of the items in Parker’s document eliminated from the park. No amphitheater? Oops, see Concept B. It’s been renamed “performance area” and has “terraced seating.”
Two Mondays ago was a council-caught-with-their-pants-down evening. It is impossible to tap-dance or waltz people around in that condition. Sadly, “None are so blind as those who will not see.”
Bill Satterfield
Sunset Beach