Sports briefs

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Brunswick Belles Senior League Dec. 14
Game: 1. Merry Yarbrough, 220; 2. Karen Manor, 202; 3.Carol Haack, 193.
Series: 1. Karen Manor, 522; 2. Merry Yarbrough, 485; 3. Eileen Lenz, 462.
Handicap game: 1. Merry Yarbrough, 282; 2. Carol Haack, 260; 3. Karen Manor, 258.
Handicap series: 1. Karen Manor, 690; 2. Merry Yarbrough, 671; 3. Mary Fonte, 651.

Carolina Bogey Busters golf
The Carolina Bogey Busters had their 17th annual championship trophy dinner Dec. 15 at the Calabash Elks Lodge. Dick Wilson, left, chairman of the league, presents trophies to Bill Allen, middle, the flight A champion, and Jack Bendy, the flight B champion.
Results Dec. 20 at Brierwood. Format was cha-cha-cha. First at 20-under par were Bill Allen, Tom Ditzler and Ray McDowell. Second at 9 under were Larry Frazier, Raleigh Putnam and John Ciemniewski. Third by match of cards at 3 under were Joe Burmer, Charlie Dugan and Steve White. Fourth at 3 under were Dick Wilson, Al Harms and Eric Mayo.