Spring break renews energy

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Spending time away from the office for a week was a great way to recharge my batteries.

I spent most of the time with my 6-year-old in Charlotte visiting my brother, sister-in-law and 11-month-old nephew. It was a delight, especially since he started walking while we were there.

My daughter Taryn and I also made a visit to Discovery Place, where she saw a mad scientist blow things up, made all sorts of scientific discoveries and watched her first IMAX movie, “Fly Me to the Moon,” (not a great movie for adults, but she liked it.)

The featured exhibit was about the science of circuses, from the human cannonball to sideshow freaks to high wire demonstrations. Unfortunately, my young’un was 5 pounds too light and three months too young to get a flying trapeze lesson, but she enjoyed it in nonetheless.

And yes, it was a little difficult for a small town girl to navigate the narrow, crowded big city roads in her soccer-mom minivan, but it was worth it.

My favorite part of the trip, of course, was spending time with my nephew and watching my daughter interact with him. She is becoming very responsible and loves looking out for him, whenever she’s not wrapping her arms around his neck and saying, “I can’t stop hugging him.”

He smiles at her a lot, but I’m sure when he gets old enough to tell her to stop hugging him, he will.

In addition to the trip to Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte, we had to venture out to the nearby suburban mall for some mom-and-daughter shopping. My daughter got her first locking diary, in which she lists all her favorite people, places and things and everything about herself.

It was interesting for me to learn, for instance, that her latest career goal is to be a bug scientist. While at my brother’s house, she made friends with four inchworms, two caterpillars and a couple of butterflies. She was not interested in getting anywhere near the bees, however.

She’s also decided she wants to pursue her bug investigating career in Charlotte and, preferably, live in her aunt and uncle’s house. Sounds like a good plan to me.

The only problem is, after a week of fun, she was not at all ready to wake up and go to school Monday morning. How’s she going to become a bug scientist with that attitude?

Maybe vacations can be a little too good for some people.

Anyway, it was a great vacation, and I recommend a getaway—even if it’s just a couple of days at home or at a relative’s house—for anyone who has a case of spring fever.