Spring invasion under way; time to get rid of cabin fever

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By Sarah Sue Ingram
Interim Editor

The invasion has already started and will be full-fledged by this weekend.

No, it’s not the invasion by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Gerry and The Pacemakers.

For those of us who welcomed that British invasion, pacemakers means something entirely different now, as in medical equipment placed in the chest that helps keep some of our friends alive. It used to mean those who set the pace.

This is the tourist invasion. The RVs started showing up last weekend to get a jump-start on Easter Weekend a full week early. They probably weren’t thrilled with the January-like temperatures, and neither were the rest of us.

We Brunswick County residents have spring fever, cabin fever, if-I-don’t-get-out-of-the-house-I’m-going-to-kill-somebody fever, too.

Easter weekend should be and feel like spring, our internal clocks tell us. We’re more than ready to say goodbye to Ol’ Man Winter and hello to sprouting flowers and warm sunshine.

Besides being cold last Sunday, it rained for 12 straight hours. We knew this was going to happen because a halo circled the moon Saturday night. When a halo circles the moon, it means a storm is coming.

I have no clue about the scientific reason for that. All I know is a halo-encircled moon is more reliable than the weatherman.

So we got the rain out of the way, hopefully, for the throngs who will come to the beach this weekend.

Even though Brunswick County is the fifth-largest county in North Carolina geography-wise—stretching from the Cape Fear River to the South Carolina state line, we have only 107,431 permanent residents.

So when the multitudes come in for Easter, summer and other holidays, they multiply our population many times over.

Those of us who live here year-round have an unspoken bond. We count on each other because we have to.

Still, it’s nice to see new faces and new life, as symbolized by spring.

So, welcome back, out-of-town home owners and visitors. Slow down to our pace, enjoy your get-away and satisfy your soul.