State begins electronic vehicle inspections

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon



The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles began its electronic inspection program Nov. 1, and vehicles that undergo emissions or safety inspections after that date will no longer receive windshield stickers.

Instead, each inspection will be due the same month as the vehicle’s registration renewal each year.

Synchronizing each vehicle’s inspection and registration dates is expected to increase compliance with the state’s inspection program and help benefit air quality and highway safety, according the N.C. DMV.

No vehicle will have to be inspected more than once in a 12-month period, the DMV announced.

Eddie Gartner, owner of Fast Eddie’s Texaco Xpress Lube Plus, said this week his shop inspects about 30 cars a day, and everything has gone smoothly since the law went into effect last Saturday.

He said the rule changes are good ones.

“It makes a lot of sense to have the cars inspections before they’re registered so we’ll have safe cars on the road,” Gartner said. “The only thing customers have to know is if their cars are not registered, they have to get a pass from the N.C. DMV.”

Under the new laws, safety and emissions inspection stations will enter inspection results into the DMV vehicle registration database, and car owners will be able to renew their registrations only after their vehicles have been inspected.

Drivers in need of inspections who haven’t yet had their cars registered will have to obtain a three-day pass from the DMV.

At the program’s start, nearly 7,000 safety and emissions inspection stations will be connected to the database.

The cost of safety-only inspections has increased from $9.10 to $13.60. The cost of emissions inspections remains $30.

For more information about the new inspection program visit www.ncdot.gov/dmv under “No More Sticker!” or call (888) 999-3044.