Still learning about Brunswick County: So what am I missing?

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By Brian Slattery

I’ve mentioned I’m not from here a couple times in the past. That’s because I have to start somewhere, and the first thing you learn in a new place is how much you don’t know about it.

The things that stand out the most are the things that are most different from your past experiences.

I have now been in Brunswick County long enough that what still feels like only a few weeks has turned into a few months. Almost. Give or take a few days.

So while I am still picking up on plenty of “the little differences” as Vincent Vega once said, I’m learning a lot about Brunswick County.

For example, I recently learned there are 17 McDonald’s restaurants in the Wilmington/ Brunswick County area.

That is pertinent information if you don’t know exactly when the next meeting you are covering is going to end. Plus, dinner and Wi-Fi equal two birds, one stone.

I also like to learn more about what makes the place where I’m living interesting.

That typically involves getting the people who live here to let you in on the best-kept secrets of the area—even if they are not so secret to anybody who has lived here for more than three months.

In my first month here I met John Kopp, owner of Kopp’s Kwik Stop (I, II and III) at the Sunset Harbor store. After speaking with him for a story, the last thing he told me was to drive the rest of the way down Sunset Harbor Road to see the view of the water at the boat launch at Riverview Drive.

That view is worth the trip.

Another recommendation I haven’t had the chance to follow up on came from a coworker who said I should see “Gator Swamp.”

I have always been under the impression every swamp is a gator swamp—every retention pond and golf course water hazard as well—but this one is supposed to really live up to the name and is worthy of a round of applause. So I need to check that out, from a safe distance.

Other coworkers have pointed me in the right direction of good seafood places—I hear there are a couple good ones in the area. But one colleague said her former favorite place for oysters is no longer in business, so now she is on the hunt for the best kept-secret oyster places.

Now that I know I’m missing out on some of the wonders of Brunswick County, how about those of you who are in the know pass along some not-so-secret best-kept secret places?

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