Stop beating up Sunset Beach town council

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To the editor:
As a Sunset Beach resident I am distressed the Beacon is constantly beating the negative drum about my town and never seems to accentuate the positives.
You lecture our town council and yet you fail to notice that the five council members do work well together. Do they sometimes have differences of opinion? Of course, but I think that encourages healthy debate and leads to the best possible compromise.
I see a council that debates, votes and then moves forward—as reasonable adults should do. They do not harbor ill will toward each other, and they do not beat a dead horse.
So if it’s not the council members causing the angst, who is? The mayor is always negative about the council members and the town in general. He berates council members when they disagree with him, and he opposes every amenity our town offers.
Thanks to the council we now have a fabulous boat ramp and pier. I’ve yet to hear the mayor say one positive thing about them. He continues to rant and rave about the future park, and I know for a fact he misrepresents the views of some council members.
It’s time the Beacon pay more attention to the good things in Sunset Beach and it’s time this mayor stop being negative. I expect my mayor to be a positive voice for my town and stop tearing it down. If you dislike this town so very much, please do us a favor and move.
Gere Andujar
Sunset Beach