Stop with the cabana debate

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I have been living in Calabash for the last year and have subscribed to your newspaper for that time.

I have read numerous letters to the editor addressing the cabana issue written before the law was passed banning them and then now afterwards.

I get angry every time I read one because it is the “fault” of our visitors that we have one at all.

I love Ocean Isle Beach but used to get angry when I would go there one day and then return either the next day or the day after and the same cabanas and beach chairs would litter the beach with no one under them or sitting on the chairs.

Why should our taxes pay for the police to have to pick up this stuff on a nightly basis as some of your readers have suggested? It is because of the visitors’ laziness the ban was put into effect!

Why do they have to leave stuff either for the next day or permanently because they are too lazy to take it off the beach and dispose of it because they don’t want to take it with them or put it back up the next day?

This has also been a danger to our wildlife like the sea turtles. Do they care about that? Apparently not.

So, again, I am sick and tired of their letters to the editor stating they aren’t coming back to Ocean Isle. Sunset Beach doesn’t have cabanas, and they are as busy as ever. You don’t hear complaining about that!

Now that cabanas aren’t allowed on Ocean Isle, they leave their umbrellas instead. I see them with no one sitting under them all day and apparently they have been abandoned just like the cabanas were.

Please stop debating this issue and live with it!