Stop forced annexation

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: From reading articles in newspapers across the state, particularly Raleigh and Charlotte, it appears media have been misinformed, misunderstand or simply accept statements given them by pro-forced annexation proponents.

Annexation would not come to a screeching halt if those being victimized by forced annexation had a vote. Eighty-six percent of North Carolina’s annexations are voluntary; and they have a vote.

Prior to 1959, when citizens had a vote on whether or not to be annexed, more than 60 percent of said proposed annexations were approved by that vote.

Yes, county residents use city parks and roads. They also pay double fees for city initiated programs in these parks; and the state funds the roads.

Yes, there are the doughnut holes, areas surrounded by city limits, because cities have been allowed to expand by forced annexation with no oversight thereof.

Stopping forced annexation would simply mean stopping those city officials who have the attitude the mayor of Mooresville expressed in the House Select Committee in Raleigh, while defending the state law as it now exists.

He said, “You don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg!” That same law is being manipulated for the same reasons in Brunswick County by Progress Energy and the same type of municipal officials.

That should be pretty plain to those who are willing to see.