Stop partisanship

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To the editor:
The politicians in Washington, D.C., would have us believe we are looking to them for moral leadership. I say we are looking to them to do their job with integrity and pride in what they do.
All this bickering and investigation of each other is plainly wearing thin. As soon as they get into office, they are led by partisan politics and start attacking each other.
Have they forgotten who sent them to Washington? “We The People” sent them there, and we certainly did not send them there to act like politicians. Can they be happy with the fact that even the word “politician” has a negative connotation?
All we hear is “their side” and “our side,” “us” and “them.” We hear over and over again, “this side of the aisle” and “the other side of the aisle.”
Why do they segregate themselves anyhow? Democrats sit on one side and Republicans sit on the other. Except for Washington D.C., desegregation is the law of the land. Why not there, too? Why not show a little moral leadership and sit with each other, maybe even talk to each other?
Perish the thought.
Christopher Serraro