Strange bedfellows

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To the editor:
Politics make strange bedfellows. Truer words were never spoken in the case of Mayor Rich Cerrato thanking his new best friend, Councilwoman Carol Scott, in the Jan. 10 “Peer Pressure in Sunset Beach” letter to the Beacon.
Cerrato was thanking Scott for “apparently rejecting council pressure” by not taking part in a recent letter to the Beacon by the other council members.
I almost fell to the floor as I read that Cerrato was “disappointed but not surprised that public officials would provide information that conflicts with public records to ‘trick’ taxpayers.”
I am still laughing seeing this coming from Cerrato, the master of manipulating words, telling half-truths and outright lies to trick taxpayers.
Cerrato also stated, “Scott said it best when she said, ‘Rich, we will have to wait until next year.’”
November 2013 will bring an election where councilmen DeVita, Joseph and Scott, as well as Cerrato, will face re-election. Hopefully, after that election, Cerrato and Scott will be out of office.
Cerrato never followed the rules as a citizen and now, as mayor, he has reverted to his old habit of speaking out of turn and making rude, derogatory comments to and about council members and town staff.
Scott will be limited to three minutes for her repetitive, time-consuming tirades.
Charlie Nern
Sunset Beach