Student donates hair to Locks of Love

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Recently, Keidy Allende, a third-grader at Union Elementary, decided to cut her hair. What is a mundane experience for most was going to be eventful for her, as her hair was nearly 2-feet long. When hearing in class about the nonprofit organization, Locks of Love, she immediately decided she would like to participate.

Molly Kittinger, her teacher at Union Elementary the last two years, thought it would be a great idea to make the experience a class assignment. The class researched and read criteria for donating. They researched the purpose and history of the organization, examined the new vocabulary and visited the gallery of recipients.

Students then measured her hair to determine if she met the criteria and brainstormed combinations of “donated hair” and “remaining hair.”  Friends went so far to even suggest/design her new hairstyle.

This experience has made an impact on Allende, her classmates, her teacher, and of course, a child in need.