Students would be hurt by funding freeze

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Charles Warren is right, sometimes you have to take drastic actions, but his proposal to freeze school board funding is just plain wrong.

Last week at the Brunswick County Commissioners meeting, Warren proposed county commissioners freeze school funding until the Brunswick County Board of Education “gets their act together.”

True, a number of issues over the last couple of years, including lawsuits and other claims against the board and superintendent, are cause for concern. However, freezing school funding won’t do anything to change problems that already exist.

Warren told a Beacon reporter this week he doesn’t think freezing school funding would affect students. How could it not?

Freezing school funding would only do one thing—hurt innocent children in Brunswick County. Freezing school funds would rob young people of important resources that are needed for day-to-day operations of a school system, and would ultimately detract—or possibly eliminate—necessary means for students to have a quality education.

Brunswick County doesn’t need radical actions right now. What it needs are unified officials who can evaluate all sides of issues and then make important, rational and effective decisions that affect all of us in this community.

Thankfully, other commissioners saw fit to not go along with Warren’s proposal. Instead, commissioners have agreed to have the board’s liaisons meet with school board members. This is a good idea.

Problems with the Brunswick County school system have already taken up too much time and energy. Taking funding away from students—especially in these tough economic times—would only make things worse.

School board officials need to get to the root cause of its problems. We hope this meeting with county officials will bring about resolutions to the issues that have been plaguing our education system for too long.