Sun dangers result in need for cabanas

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Sun dangers result in need for cabanas

To the editor:

I have been a property owner on Ocean Isle Beach for 12 years. The ban the town has put on canopies is an unwise decision.

There are so many people who suffer from the sun’s harmful rays but still would like to enjoy the beach. And yes, an umbrella is helpful.

But when a large family gets together for their vacation at the beach and they are banned from using their canopy, it makes their stay an unpleasant one. From the elderly to the very young, they especially need protection from the sun.

And for those of you who remember the beach when there were no canopies, that was back when it was OK to put oil all over yourself and get a tan. Now look at the number of skin cancer patients.

When people are driving from 200 to 500 miles away from their homes to enjoy a week at the beach, they shouldn’t have to be punished by not allowing them to put up a canopy.

Trust me, they WILL find other beaches to vacation on. Is that how Ocean Isle wants to perceive itself? Unfriendly and unwelcoming? What’s next? No coolers, no chairs and no beach balls?

Come on, Ocean Isle, let’s lift this ban and make our beach a pleasant place for people to come and relax and enjoy themselves.