Sun is shining brightly on state Rep. Frank Iler

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At last, some good news about politicians and campaign finances.

While right here in North Carolina and across the nation investigations have unfolded about how politicians are spending campaign contributions and who they’re tied to, it’s great to see someone not only get it right, but exceed expectations.

Last week it was announced that Iler, who represents us right here in Brunswick County, was named as one of 22 state legislators who have received a state Sunshine Award for Excellence in Campaign Finance Reporting.

According to Democracy North Carolina, the biennial Sunshine Award is given to lawmakers who file campaign finance reports that reveal important information about who gave them donations and how the money has been spent.

While only 22 legislators are being honored, all 170 North Carolina legislators who were elected last year were evaluated.

During the 2009-2010 campaign finance reporting period, Iler filed his campaign reports on time and provided them in an electronic format that was easily accessible for the public. 

In his reports, Iler identified more than 98 percent of all individuals who contributed more than $50 to his campaign. He further reported 99 percent of all expenses for items more than $50.

Iler, a Republican, is among nine Democrats and 13 Republicans honored with the award.

We say well done, Rep. Iler. We hope as you continue in your political career that this will continue to be your approach not only to campaign finance reporting but all information that should be made available to the public.

We hope other elected officials—from the national all the way down to the local level—take note of this accomplishment and set a similar goal for their campaign finances and all other public dealings.

We’re glad to see the sun shine brightly on this for Brunswick County and hope to see more sunny days in the future.