Sunset Beach crime report

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Sunset Beach police investigated the following incidents and made the following arrests.

•An attempted breaking-and-entering was reported July 11 on Balmore Drive.

•Breaking-and-entering and larceny from a motor vehicle were reported July 16 on Dunbar Drive.

•Aimee Renee Moree, 26, of 210 Wildwood Road, Shallotte, was charged July 5 with larceny by employee.

•Omar Rivera Rivera, 20, of 1695 Chadwick Landing, Shallotte, was charged July 11 with DWI, driving while consuming an alcoholic beverage by a person less than 21 years old, and exceeding the posted speed.

•Matthew Scott Santini, 28, of 7383 Balmore Drive, Sunset Beach, was charged July 11 with attempted breaking-and-entering.

•Stacy J. Smith, 24, of 217 Live Oak Drive, Sunset Beach, was charged July 13 with DWI.

•Matthew Todd Tauber, 42, of 6040 Red Cedar Drive, High Point, was charged July 14 with DWI.