Sunset sewer distortion

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Not long ago, Mayor Ron Klein and council members, led by Len Steiner and former member Carl Bazemore, led the push to mandate every citizen be forced to connect to the new sewer system.

Unfortunately, council members Bobinski and DeVita followed the blind wisdom of their Sea Trail golf partners.

This mandate would have caused serious financial hardship for many retirees and working class citizens.

The truth: North Carolina law does not require you to connect to the new sewer system. Do not be intimidated by the county and council that it will cost you more if you do not connect to the sewer.

Property owners on the island who rent their property can tax deduct the entire amount as a capital improvement; we can’t on the mainland.

The $18 per month availability fee charged not to hook up will be far less than the $100-200 per month sewer fee.

Also, according to [town councilman] Wilson Sherrill, that fee too may be questioned.

Sunset residents: I was pleased with your participation and anger. Don’t be fooled.

There are two reasons why they voted for sewer on the mainland: 1) To force retirees and working-class residents to sell their property to developers and 2) To help developers who own land on the waterway whose land does not perk.

To all retirees and working residents: vote out the Sea Trail combo of Klein and Steiner in November 2009.

Want another reason? Now they are planning a second fire station because their annexations plans were done without thought.

If you have recently been annexed, don’t forget November 2009. I just might be on the ballot.