Support Mike McIntyre

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To the editor:
I have coordinated Republican campaigns at the national, state and local level for several decades.
I first met Mike McIntyre when I was working on his opponent’s campaign in 1996. At that time, I recall being struck by how genuinely kind Mike was to everyone he met, even those of us “on the other side.”
After he was elected to Congress, I watched as Mike followed through with his promise to serve our citizens, communities and families in Eastern North Carolina. Since then, I have been impressed with his work to support our schools, veterans and local businesses. But what I respect most about Congressman McIntyre is he is a man of integrity who stands by his values.
When people I know have fallen on hard times, Mike and his staff have been there to help. His constituent services are outstanding and he never hesitates to act on others’ behalf. Time after time, I have witnessed as he goes the extra mile for his constituents to ensure they receive the care and service they deserve, no matter what their political party affiliation is.
As Election Day grows closer, I am disappointed in the frenzy of disingenuous TV ads that intentionally seek to distort Mike’s strong record of service. Fortunately, there are countless people like me, on both sides of the aisle, who know first-hand how important it is to be represented by an honest and hardworking man like Mike McIntyre.
Joyce Fernando