Supports McCrory for governor

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I am a resident of Brunswick County and former resident of the Charlotte area.

I have known Pat McCrory for more than 20 years. I saw firsthand the leadership he provided as the mayor of Charlotte for more than 13 years, having been re-elected seven times.

Pat’s leadership in areas such as crime control, transportation and planning has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats in Charlotte.

Pat wants to take his leadership experience to Raleigh and change the culture of state government.

He has said the state government has become a place of “elitism and arrogance,” a place where he, as mayor of one of the state’s biggest cities, along with a coalition of concerned community leaders, couldn’t get an audience with the governor to discuss issues as important as crime and gang violence.

Pat wants a government that is honest, open, ethical and efficient serving the people. He has targeted the N.C. Department of Transportation with especially strong criticism.

Pat will put roads where the cars and congestion are, and not just where the powerful politicians or highest NCDOT donors happen to live.

As one of the top-20 growth counties in the United States, these are issues that should interest all Brunswick County citizens and those of neighboring counties.

If you are dissatisfied with North Carolina’s high tax structure, lack of planning for transportation systems and arrogant state politicians, please join me on Tuesday, May 6, to elect Pat McCrory as the Republican nominee for governor of North Carolina.