Supports Obama for president

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I support Sen. Barack Obama for a lot of reasons, but the fact is, he is more likely of the two Democratic hopefuls to be elected president in November.

Obama’s conservative adversaries know this, too, and they will do anything they can to see him lose the Democratic nomination.

Back in late February, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh began urging Republicans to vote for Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton in states where crossover voting is allowed.

Since Republicans had already chosen their presidential nominee, they felt no need to vote in their own presidential primaries, so Limbaugh encouraged them to change party affiliations for one day and participate in this lowly political ploy called “party raiding.”

The objective: to assist Sen. Clinton in her bid for the Democratic nomination because Limbaugh and others believe Clinton will be easier to defeat in the General Election than Sen. Obama.

They believe if the Democratic primary process plays out as long as possible, Clinton supporters will have plenty of time to criticize Obama, and in so doing, divide the Democratic party.

Rewind to Charleston, S.C., in the spring of 1990, post-Hurricane Hugo. I listened to a lot of talk radio, including Limbaugh.

I even won a radio contest that awarded me the dubious distinction of sitting next to Limbaugh at a dinner. Afterward, he referred to me on his radio show as “a liberal, but a nice liberal,” a phrase as condescending as “some of my best friends are (fill in the blank).”

Don’t tell Rush, but I’m a moderate. I don’t know what conservatives find to respect in this rabble-rousing misanthrope, but since I used to listen to him on the radio, and once shared a meal and conversation with him, I suppose that means I also share his politics.

Since he dined with me, and even mentioned me on his show, does that mean there’s a little bit of secret liberal in Limbaugh?

As we move forward through the Democratic primary process, I believe we’ll see more of this “guilt by association” tactic (think Rev. Jeremiah Wright).

I urge you to view these attacks with a critical eye. Examine the context. Look closely at who is launching them.

Any conservative groups that attack Obama before he is chosen as the Democratic nominee can have only one motive—to try to dissuade you from voting for the candidate they believe is more likely to beat their nominee in November.