Teen Court impressive

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To the editor:
On March 26, I attended a Teen Court session at the Brunswick County Courthouse, open to the public, viewing teens who had been mentored and demonstrating skills prosecuting and/or defending other teens for various violations. It was live—a proceeding, open court. Both sides gave opening statements and after evidence, they gave closing statements and the judge gave his charge. Then a teen jury deliberated and gave its verdict. Observing these very polished events was remarkable.
They were poised, skilled, outstanding youth who had won awards for their mock trials in the past. These events save substantial amounts of taxpayers’ dollars. Dedicated volunteers do most of the mentoring. It was a very memorable evening, unique to behold. It was the real thing. Sadly, no press was present to capture their awards and memories. To have seen and heard these winners would have been very rewarding. Their large trophy was shown. They are our leaders of the future.
Teen Court sessions take place once a month through August. We are fortunate to have this function in our county.
Henry J. Karasch