Tell board members to support planetarium

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: If you’ve been reading the Beacon recently, you must know that the Ocean Isle Museum Foundation and Ingram Planetarium are in the midst of a capital campaign that we are pleased to report has received broad based community support.

Dozens of individuals, organizations, businesses, the county, our school system and other municipalities have endorsed us, and in many cases, provided funding. I mention this because at some recent Sunset Beach town meetings, comments were made that implied the community was not supporting our efforts.

At these same meetings, it was suggested it was not the “town’s place to be funding a private organization” and we should learn to “stand on our own two legs.”

In fact, the planetarium is a community-centered educational facility managed by a nonprofit foundation guided by a volunteer board of trustees.

As to our role in the community, if you go to the Town of Sunset Beach Web site, you’ll find the planetarium is the featured attraction. Like any other important community asset, it must be maintained and kept current.

Our community involvement includes the participation of more than 150 volunteers helping to maintain the facility and work with adults and children who enjoy our programs.

If you believe we are an important community asset that should be supported, please contact the Sunset Beach town council members and let them know you approve of their continuing financial support of the planetarium.

You can be sure the board of trustees and our staff will continue to work to provide a community service of which you can be proud.