Terminal groins

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Do you think terminal groins should be used on Brunswick County beaches? Why or why not?

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Just wondering if any of those with a negative comment has been to the east end of OIB recently. Let's not talk of wealthy as those homes are not mansions but will end in the ocean like many before them if something is not done. Has anyone else tried to go out of Shallotte Inlet recently? A lot of new sand bars and others have grown. Compare that to Little River Inlet with jetties- nice deep water channel. Someone spoke of the Shallotte River that may not have tried to navigate that with more than a skiff at low tide. There is a huge sand bar that keeps growing and with the docks added this winter not much more than a skiff will pass with boats tied to the docks. Our area of NC needs a lot of dredging and groins will help. How many will stop their boating vacation here? How many will begin to use LR Inlet? Many people depend on the spending of boaters for their income- others receive their entire income from our inshore and offshore waters. A lot of taxes are collected on fuel, lodging, restaurants, and much more. Groins and dredging is minimal compared to the amount wasted every day by the federal govt- not to mention the trillion on worthless green energy companies that are no longer in business or another trillion on 'shovel ready' projects that was a total waste.

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Hi this is Gayber from, an

Hi this is Gayber from, an HVAC Training specialist in chicago. I heard that Brunswick County Schools missed marks in the AdvanceEd accreditation report because of leadership. Where do you think the fault lies and what should be done to correct it.folders printing

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I agree

I think terminal groins should be used to Bruinwick Country Beaches.. Why not?
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I am a professional of

I am a professional of personal injury lawyer Tampa and i think this is good , infact quite good to use terminal groins will be used in the beaches of Brunswick.

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Yes Groins and yes Jettys The A.C.I. got it wrong when they dug the The I.C.W. to close to the Inlet. Closing the Shallotte River up. Causing all the problems we got Today. The Good Lord has kept the Shallotte Inlet a deep water River flowing forever. When Man try to change it we end up with what we got.

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No groins. Right now there is no cost effective way to prevent Mother Nature or God from gnawing sand away at the north/east end and building sand at the south/west end of these 'islands'. I believed that when I built my house on Holden Beach 7 years ago, I believe it now. You pays your money... you takes your chance. Rich people have no moral position for glomming tax dollars to protect their houses. The chit has already been cashed with the federal flood insurance program. Subsidising rich guys to live on the water's edge is a flagrant waste of taxpayer's money. Enough already.

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Terminal Groins

If you listen to the NC scientist and their vital current information compared to our local politicians input you'll easily see that the local politicians have a personal agenda to benefit them, where as the NC scientist are looking out for everyone's interest.
What the local politicians won't tell us is, their is a NC Law on the books which prohibits the construction of Terminal Groins on the barrier islands in NC.
Sunset Beach Island is a barrier island and if a Terminal Groins is built on SBI it will take Sunset Beach Island back to what it was in 1958. Ex., the Gazebo parking lot will be under water at low tide.
But here again, laws can be remodeled and our local politicans know which buttons or earmarks to push in Raleigh, NC.
SBI is envied by Holden Bch. and Ocean Isle Bch. mayors and one can understand why, just take a drive to the EAST END of those two beaches and you'll see first hand why their mayors want and encourage Sunset Beach to help them overturn the NC Terminal Groins Law.