Thank you for Carolina Shores coverage

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To the editor:

Thank you, Laura Lewis, for the excellent reporting in your article “Citizens nix garbage change in Carolina Shores.” We were unable to attend the meeting so we really appreciate your report.

I thought it was noteworthy that Gere Dale brought up the issue of the complaint against (recycle center employee) Jerry Franklin. I have known Jerry for a number of years and have frequently observed him at the recycle center. He is one of the nicest, most helpful men I know. I have watched him over the years not only be pleasant and upbeat with the folks who come to the center but also do all he could to help them. It was not his job to take trash out of the trunks of cars but he did that very often and it helped many folks. Jerry no longer feels he can do that for anyone.

For many weeks Jerry was so worried about the complaint he just seemed sad all the time. I have had visitors in my home who told me about this great guy at the Alabama Theatre — so friendly and helpful — it was Jerry, who works part-time there.

It seems so unjust that a person as nice and helpful as Jerry suffered from the comments of one negative person. While I understand the need for the town leadership to address any and all complaints, I am disappointed this complaint has had such a negative impact.  

Thank you again and keep up the great work you all are doing.


Jack and Jean Heslin

Carolina Shores