Thank you, Mrs. McKeithan

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: She walked by my desk. I had been picked up by the police late Sunday afternoon for stealing gas.

I was so embarrassed on Monday I would not go out for recess after lunch.

Mrs. Katie May McKeithan, my eighth-grade teacher, walked near my desk and said, “Donnie, you see what trouble bad company causes?”

She was kind and caring. I will never forget her comforting words. All the students in the eighth grade at Waccamaw High School that year in 1941 loved her.

She was to remain our homeroom teacher throughout our high school years.

The class wanted to study Spanish. She had never studied Spanish but declared that she would study along with us. She helped teach us a language that was helpful to me in later years with my work in Central America.

Katie May lived in Shallotte and drove each day to teach at Waccamaw High School in Ash. Occasionally, she would bring her young son, Donald, to class. He always made a hit with her students.

I don’t know what happened to Donald, but I’m sure he became a fine man. He certainly had a wonderful mother.

Teachers do not make a great salary, but they make a great impact in the lives of young people during their formative years.

I would like to express gratitude for not only Katie May, but for all the women and men who teach and have such a formative influence in our society.