Thanks to Boys & Girls Home benefit participants

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To the editor:

Generally, letters to the editor are filled with complaints, criticism and accusations; however, there are probably more occasions to praise, be thankful for, highlight and appreciate, but rarely do you see it in print.

Such an occasion was the recently conducted Calabash Lions Club Benefit Run to the Boys & Girls Home of North Carolina for neglected, abused and hurting children at Lake Waccamaw. It took nearly 100 people, including the Beach House Harley Davidson Dealership in Shallotte, to advertise, set up tables, beverages and snacks on the day of the event; the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Brunswick County Academy volunteers to keep all bikers safe between Shallotte and Lake Waccamaw; The Brunswick Beacon for advertising; 40 T-shirt sponsors; and the Beach House H.O.G. members and a dozen Lions to register, pass out T-shirts, cook hamburgers and hot dogs and act as parking attendants.

All people involved did what they did because they knew it was for a worthy cause. And what is more satisfying than knowing that you have made a difference in a boy’s or girl’s life? A check for $2,223 was presented to the Boys & Girls Home after lunch with the kids.

Thank you to all and may God bless you.


Sterling Page, Lion

Sunset Beach