Thanks for help

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: In these days and times it is rare to have a stranger utter a simple greeting to you. Recently, I had an encounter with a stranger that has given me hope.

On July 16, I started having chest pains and I began driving myself to the hospital. Along the way I stopped at a gas station. One of the employees, Sue Rhodes, noticed that something was wrong and asked if I needed an ambulance. I declined her offer and returned to my car.

I was then approached by a man who asked if I was all right. I replied with a “no” and said, “I feel like I’m having a heart attack.”

He asked if I was driving myself to the hospital, and I said yes. This nice stranger followed me to the hospital, helped me get inside and got me some help.

I feel this person went beyond and out of his way to help. To me, he was an angel sent from heaven to help me.

I ended up having two stints in my heart. I’m feeling better now. I want to thank this angel in the time of need, Jim Collins.

I don’t know where he is from, but I hope he reads this and knows how much I appreciate the kindness he showed to me, a stranger. May God truly bless him.

Tara Clemmons


Aren’t there bigger issues to discuss?

To the editor:

Regarding teaching creationism in public schools: Why is not the board more concerned about the fact so many of our schools are operating below the 70th percentile in basic math and reading?

How can they possibly be elated with across-the-board scores of 68.7 percent in Belville; 65.3 percent in Lincoln; 56 percent in Southport; 64.7 percent in Leland; 63.7 percent in Shallotte; 63.9 percent at West Brunswick High; and 64.7 percent at North Brunswick High?

I’ve purposely omitted schools performing at 70 percent or better because that is the least that should be expected.

Rather than spend energy on whether creationism and/or evolution should be taught, assuming our students could grasp either concept, should the board not be concentrating on elevating our kids’ educational standards in general?