Thanks for help with Toy Run

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To the editor:
A heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, motorcyclists and classic car folks who helped with the Brunswick County’s 20th anniversary Toy Run.
We took 112 children shopping at Walmart and spent more than $100 on each one on Saturday.
We had about 150 motorcycles and classic cars attend. The winner of the John Deere mower and A-1 Hitch 5-foot-by-10-foot trailer was Shalene Reece from Southport.
Walmart was wonderful in letting us use their parking area and having smiling cashiers checking out all the children.
As a surprise at checkout, Kara Westmoreland, 12, handed out more than 50 handmade decorative hair bows she made for all the girls.
Thank you to Brunswick Islands Baptist Church for feeding all the folks on this run. About 190 plates were served by this generous church as well as letting us use their facility before heading back to Walmart to shop.
The Elks club provided hotdogs and drinks to all the children and their families as they waited to shop.
The Brunswick County Sheriff Office did a fantastic job escorting the long line of motorcycles and cars through the 45-mile route, keeping us together and safe.
Thanks to Brunswick Family Assistance for the screening process and providing participating children.
Also, the many folks that helped with setting up, registration, sales of shirts and auction items, and last but not least, the ones that actually escorted the children and helped them shop.
You truly made Christmas what it should be, helping others as Jesus taught.
You are all amazing and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Jerome Munna