Thanks for making Sunset Beach stronger

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To the editor:
Kudos to those Sunset Beach Town Council members who have worked so hard to take our little town to the next level.
Beginning early in the year with the landscaping around the Mannon C. Gore Bridge, there are many visible reminders of improvements that make our community even lovelier to live in and visit.
The improvements at the main public parking area are incredible and will be helpful to those using that lot. Adding a drop-off lane will improve safety and decrease the traffic back-up.
The walkway at the gazebo has been widened significantly allowing people increased accessibility and ease. Even though the new bird-watching platform on the mainland is still under construction, it is already drawing people who want to see the incredible wildlife that abounds in our area.
The use of the new town park for the Memorial Day ceremony was hopefully the first of many town ceremonies. The park is the best of both worlds, on the mainland and on the water, melding both parts of our town together.
Finally, the support of the town of Sunset Beach for the Concerts in the Park series demonstrates to all those in attendance the belief that providing good fun is important to a strong community. It provides a family atmosphere and an opportunity to support each week’s local charity—a win-win.
To Sunset Beach council people who support these improvements, many, many thanks. You are making our community stronger and more open to economic growth.
Carolyn Hirst-Loucks
Sunset Beach