Thanks for printing letter

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I would like to compliment the editor at the Beacon for publishing Mr. J. Leon Krasniewski’s letter in the Dec. 13 edition. I also compliment Mr. Krasniewski on his fine missive.

Many newspapers do not print letters critical of the paper or its editorial staff. It’s a pleasure to read letters that are representative of many reader’s opinions. I’m sure many of your paper’s readers agreed with the contents of his letter.

Also, I fully agree with Mr. Norman Horne’s letter in the Dec. 27 issue wherein he explains North Carolina’s legal ownership of handguns. His letter, once again, demonstrated the perverted writings by staff writer Carol Trapani.

I’ve enjoyed reading articles/opinions by Laura Lewis, Kathryn Jacewicz, Stacey Manning, and your guest columnists Michael Darby and Marty Cooke.