Thanks for the quick response

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

I live next door to Dr. and Ms. Linda Hinson who participate in our community crime watch. I told Ms. Hinson my wife and I would be out of town most of the next week, and I asked her to keep watch on my home.

Last Tuesday evening, I had reason to return home and turned a light on in my shop building. Ms. Hinson saw the light was on and suspected a burglary was in progress. She immediately called 911 and reported what she had seen next door.

Within 15 minutes or less, there were four police officers from the sheriff’s department on the scene.

Even though there was no crime being committed, Ms. Hinson did exactly what she was supposed to do, consistent with the guidelines given by the sheriff’s department when our community crime watch was set up, and I want to thank her for her vigilance.

I want to especially commend the officers of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office for their rapid response to Ms. Hinson’s call.

The officers were very courteous, and I feel Brunswick County residents are fortunate to have men of their caliber providing protection for our people.