Thanks for wagon

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: This is one of the few letters that is not registering a complaint.

I live with my little four-legged companion in a modest old house on Ocean Isle Beach, and I’m so content I plan to live out my days here if insurance and/or taxes don’t force me to move off the island.

When I crest the bridge, I feel like I’ve entered a little corner of heaven. I’m a happy lady. I have five children with families in and around North Carolina whom I adore, lots of friends I appreciate and love, which leads to the reason for this letter.

One of my dear friends gave Santa a hand in delivering a big, beautiful wagon as a gift at Christmas I will use a lot come spring. Since I’ve been unable to figure out who it was...a big, heart-felt “thank you.”

I take care of several yards in my neighborhood so you’ll likely see me pulling my new wagon, loaded with topsoil, mulch and yard debris if you’re in the neighborhood when warm weather gets here.