Thoughts about turtles and more

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

Two new subjects just came into my life that never were there before. One is the turtle patrol, and the other is bush hogging.

I just attended the annual Holden Beach Turtle Patrol meeting. One of its teams released 145 newborn terrapin turtles into the Atlantic of Holden Beach. This is considered to be a record for the area.

The turtle patrol is truly to be commended. I am not sure who all of the members of the team were though. My wife Jill, a new trainee, was one of them. She was so proud to wear her red turtle patrol shirt.

If you see some of the red shirts, say “Hi” to them. They are some really great people.

Also, the dos and don’ts and plusses and minuses of bushhogging are also entering the picture. Why, where, when and how many times should you do it if you do decide to? Maybe you shouldn’t do it at all.

Again, I would like some of you knowledgeable readers to respond to this and send me your answers.

Being “green” conscious is really becoming or should be becoming a way of life with us. After you finish reading all of those confusing telephone, electric and water bills and retirement statements, recycle them.

That won’t help you understand them anyway but, at least, will improve the environment. That is what is so interesting about environmentalists and economists. They are both interested in green things.

James Horn