Time running out to speak up about school start times

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At the next Brunswick County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 3, officials will make a final determination about what time classes will start for the 2012-2013 school year.
This year, the district adopted a staggered-start schedule, beginning and ending classes at various times depending on whether students are in elementary, middle or high school.
Superintendent Edward Pruden says the change has taken a number of school buses off the road and has essentially saved the district about $500,000 of an ever-decreasing, tighter budget.
Reactions to staggered starts have been a mixed bag, with a majority of the most vocal parents speaking out against the start times.
If you haven’t already done so, be sure to contact your board of education representative and share your thoughts. Make sure before each member takes a seat at the next meeting, they’ve gotten feedback from you and know just how the start schedule is affecting your family.
You can find a list of school board members and their contact information by going online to www.bcswan.net and clicking the “School Board” link or by calling the district’s central office at 253-2900.