Too much sun?

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To the editor:
Welcome to Sunstroke Beach.
Sunset Beach council apparently is suffering from the heat of the election season. First, after much grumbling and gnashing of teeth, council reluctantly, on advice of counsel(s), cancelled a community meeting scheduled just six weeks before the election. It would have been a taxpayer-financed campaign opportunity for incumbents seeking re-election, since challengers would not have been on the panel.
Next, in their ongoing efforts to oppose anything the mayor suggests, they tried to cancel what turned out to be an excellent program on beach safety presented by Wrightsville Beach Fire Chief Smith. When that failed (it was a legally called and advertised meeting), they threatened to boycott it. Upon learning county and beach community leaders and TV planned to attend, the boycott was scrapped and they showed up.
To complete the week, a town representative, a co-chairwoman of the town’s Sunset at Sunset festival and a close friend of incumbent/candidate Joseph, asked that candidates refrain from politicking at the festival. This, despite that it would be a clear infringement of candidates’ constitutional rights and incumbent/candidate council members would be meeting and greeting in the town’s booth. No harm there, right?
Incumbents want us to re-elect them to power? It must be very heady to be a big fish in a small pool, but even fish suffer when the water is too hot. My advice: Find shelter, keep your heads down, put your feet up and cool off.

Bill Satterfield
Sunset Beach